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Juan Pablo Navarro from Argentina(Tango Bass Player)

kichotango: Hello everybody ,Sorry but I dont speak Russian I d like to salute to my russians brothers on bass and to give you an annoucement , ,IM SO GLAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT MY MUSIC IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND PLAY IT I HOPE TO ENJOY!!! THIS IS NEW TANGO MUSIC FOR BASS AND PIANO!!!FREE SCORES FROM CONTRATANGOS!!! YOU MUST GO TO [BR]http://www.epsapublishing.com/juan_pablo_navarro i send you too the english instructions to download a music • GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE THEN IF YOU SEE" LISTADO DE OBRAS ON RED" YOU HAVE TO GO BELOW IT SAYS " TITULO",THAT IT MEANS TITLE, + Listado de Obras Canción para Betty Piano y Contrabajo Tango Milonga Candombass Contrabajo solo Tango Candombe Contra todos los que rayen Piano y Contrabajo Tango Tango Incompatible Piano y Contrabajo Tango Tango Para volverse loco Piano y Contrabajo Tango Tango Tango XXX Contrabajo solo Tango Tango Tanguito para Néstor Guitarra y Contrabajo Tango Tango [Subir] THEN CLICK ON THEM AND ITS APPEARS ON THE LEFT BOTTOM "BAJAR PARTITURA" ON RED LETTERS Peso: 784.14 Kb - Formato PDF Peso: 4.07 Mb - Formato MP3 ,CLICK AGAIN AND YOU MUST TO FEEL THIS: (TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH) Usuario * =USER Clave * =PASSWORD Confirmación de Clave * =PASSWORD AGAIN Nombre * =NAME Apellido * =SURNAME E-mail País - = COUNTRY- ACTIVIDAD = SELECT MUSICO-INTERPRETE MUSICO-INTERPRETE =SELECT CUERDAS. • IF YOU HAVE SOME TROUBLE OR ITS VERY DIFFICULT TELL ME AND I SEND YOU A MUSIC BY EMAIL AT juanpanavarro@gmail.com • See you MY BEST REGARDS. JUAN PABLO

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